One summer morning I woke-up at dawn, threw my camera and lenses into a bag and got out of house. This was in tiny village of Ferapontovo which is located 400 km north from Moscow, and famous for it’s beautiful nature and monastery hosting unique frescos of great medieval artist Dionisij.

I had this idea of taking photos of demure local flowers with my still new macro lenses for long time. There are lots and lots of roses and irises on the Net but I haven’t seen many photos of ordinary field flowers. Grass was still wet and flowers were covered with dew. Sun was raising very quickly and I realized that if I want to capture flowers in their fresh morning look I better hurry.
I normally take photos of people and would never imagine that capturing wild flowers is such an exciting affair. They are not as static as one could think. They are changing with direction of wind, with different angle of sunlight, with insects coming and going. The morning was very fresh and dry with cloudless skies and very light wind. Wasps and horseflies were buzzing around me, occasionally biting my ankles. It certainly was mistake to wear shorts, next time I will put on bite-proof leather pants 🙂
When after 1-2 hours I returned and went through the images, I realized that I only know names for less then half of flowers. That’s when I decided to get myself a Herbs catalog, find flower’s names and put them on this site. Most of the names sound like lyrics in Russian. I left them without translation.

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