Poker – penis – pharmacy

До последнего времени я просто задыхался под кипами спама, каждый день выпалывая по сотне а то и больше непрошенных комментариев. Все изменилось после того как я установил и сконфигурировал MT Blacklist. Сейчас я горя не знаю.
I am getting tons of comment spam on this blog. I was trying all means provided by core Movable Type, I also set nofollow. No effect.
And finally I found the ultimate solution! It’s the MT plug-in called MT Blacklist. After I installed it and set just three filters on magic words: Poker, penis and pharmacy I immediatly got rid of approximately 50% of spam comments. It also helps that the plug-in is coupled with centrally maintained database of malicious URLs, which is always up-to-date. Any user can report abuse and it will be recorded in the database.
The most effective feature however is amazingly simple. One can set number of URLs allowed in a comment. Absolute majority of spam comments includes more then one URL. By setting this number to two I managed to get rid of all remaining spam.

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