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I have no idea what cialis is, but somehow I am getting around 20-40 comments with this suggestion posted on this blog daily. Blogspam – it is. Only casinos online overdid this mysterious substance.
To fight spam I simply configure my blog such that HTML is stripped out of comments. All spammers need is higher ratings on search engines. Since I strip HTML, they won’t get any rating increase. This means that if spammers are technically savvy, they would leave me alone. Apparently they are not. That’s why I have to remove tons of spam regularly to keep my site clean. IP-filtering not helping et all. Bastards change IP-addresses daily. I gave up when my list of forbidden addresses grew to almost 300.
Today I turned HTML on again. Do I want to help spammers to earn their difficult bread? Not quite. Major Blog builders together with major search engines came to a solution allowing to fight blogspam. The key is the rel=”nofollow” attribute on all reference tags in comments. Blog software inserts this attribute automatically while search engines know to ignore such links in their ratings.
I don’t think that spam will stop anytime soon, but smarter spammers and their customers will have to turn away from blogs to other solutions.

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