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When publishing did you get tired of dealing with browser and forms and constantly loosing your content? I did! Then all these spell checks I have to cut and paste for and all those links I have to insert manually. Waste of time. I was also scared by stories from fellow bloggers of their hosting providers loosing all content after hard drive crashes, etc. I do MT database backups from time to time, but wouldn’t it be better just keep original content locally under my control?? Thus I opted for new cool thing called Blog Client. There are plenty of them around apparently.
Lots of people recommend w.bloggar.

It’s a free Windows client supporting several blogging platforms, including Movable Type which I use now and LiveJournal which I plan to use in future. Installation and set-up was bliss. In five minutes I was able to post! However my excitement was premature. I realized this as soon as I tried to publish Russian content. Immediately I got a parsing error coming back from the server. Quick research revealed that w.bloggar doesn’t support international character sets.
I searched more and found one yet cool looking Blog Client called blogjet. It’s not free, but they give free 30 days trial. Most of publishing platforms has been supported. Further research revealed that this soft written and maintained by a Russian guy Dmitriy. Cool, there should be no problems with Russian postings whatsoever! In three minutes I was able to push Post button. Wow! Russian content published successfully! But what happened with the title?? Title turned to be corrupted. Then I try to retrieve last post, and the body itself turns out as question marks. Yuck! C’mon Dmitriy! It’s not even Japanese!

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