Setting proper encoding with MT

I am using MovableType for my WebLog. First I tried to post Japanese or Russian text I found that all characters converted into HTML-Unicode which is bunch of &# and digit codes, e.g. if I enter my name in Japanese アナトル or in Russian Анатолий it’s was converted into something like &# 26085; on the entry screen. At the same time the page was displayed correctly on the public site itself.

I asked on MovableType forums, but wasn’t getting much insight. After looking at the MT code a bit and figuring how it deals with text conversion and html headers I found two settings that were looking promising.
NoHTMLEntities 1
PublishCharset Shift_JIS
Uncommenting the NoHTMLEntities didn’t help.
However by uncommenting the second one and setting charset into utf-8 I’ve resolved my problem completely. It allows me view and edit English, Japanese and Russian texts like bliss.
However if you find something funny with encodings please let me know.

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