My exhibition opens – Soon!

I am pleased to invite those my fans who happens to be in Moscow or its vicinity to my personal photo exhibition! It called “40 images of Japan” and opens on Nov 3.

Exhibit Logo
Anatol Filin. 40 images of Japan
November 3 – November 14
“Fenix” gallery
Opening hours: 12:00—19:00. Closed on Sunday.
Kutuzovsky prospekt, 3, phone: 243-49-58,

The exhibition is dedicated to Japan and it is kind of retrospective. Selected images from my 12 years in Japan will be exhibited. To warn you straight away, it covers only one side of Japan, i.e. Japan beautiful, Japan cultural. Or in other words it’s Japan, as people would like to see it from here. I am not showing drunk salaryman peeing on a police box, Roppongi gaijin fighting with police, sex-trade posters plastering phone boots in Kabuki-cho, student riots, or ugly electrical wires hanging all over the place in Japanese cities. Not this time. Don’t forget it’s my first exhibit in Moscow, the gallery caters to certain strata of local society and last, but not least I had to select couple of dozens photos out of many thousands.
By some reasons that I still to have figure out, Japan is hugely popular in Moscow. Is it natural reaction of the country being disillusioned by America, rejected by West and harshly turning to its Eastern origins? Someone told me that there are more sushi bars in Moscow then in any city in the world including Tokyo.
The gallery is quite cozy and conveniently located by the Novoarbatskij bridge across the street from Hotel “Ukraina”, one of the seven Stalin era high-rises.
If you interested to attend opening party, please drop me a line.

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