Solovki my love

View of the Monastery
First time I went there when I was 20. Last time I did year ago. That’s it, I been visiting Solovki for last 20 years! Twenty years ago the entire White Sea was special restricted travel zone and off limits even to Russians, not to mention foreigners. In order to get there one would need special invitation either to work or visit locals that he or she have to exchange into permission at a police office. First I went there as an assistant to the Solovetskij Monastery restorers, spending summer month cleaning construction debris and paving roads. Professional restorers were absolute zealots, saints who had worked for years on pure enthusiasm and passion. Next winter I was studying history of Solovki and passed exam for Solovki tour guide ran by local museum. This gave me solid reason to come there almost every summer for couple of years in row. Then the restrictions were lifted and these days anybody can simply buy ticket and travel there. I went there again last August after long break. As you shell see, it took me less then a year to organize my photos and put them on the Web 🙂 Given that my slides of 1983 trip are still stuck in closet, isn’t it great progress?

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