Recollection of snow

Snow, snow, snow
It usually happens no more then once during Tokyo winter. Snowfall instantly changes scaly face of Tokyo. It’s like geisha’s make-up hides old pores and wrinkles. Unfortunately it melts away in day or two. I like snow and usually try not to miss this photo opportunity. I’ve probably taken photos of every single Tokyo snowfall for last ten years.
Normally snow comes in January, but this year it arrived early, in the beginning of December. I walked from home to Azabu-Juban subway station and then from Todai-mae station to my office with Fuji FinePix F402 petty digital camera clicking non-stop left and right. Fuji is a good camera. Since then I sold it to get an ultra-thin Casio ExSlim toy, which certainly inferior in image quality. The point is that it can fit into slimmest pocket.
Summer is already around the corner and I feel it’s refreshing to pull some old winter photos out of closet.

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