Tax thieves

There is an expression in Japanese  税金泥棒 (Zeikin Dorobou) which literally means Tax Thief. Or there is more polite expression 税金無駄使い (Zeikin Mudatzukai) which means One Who Wastes Taxes. Each time I go hiking to Okutama I remember this expression when passing in proximity of this bridge.

If this would be a bubble era construction, I could forgive. However I remember that 4-5 years ago it was just simple standard bridge quite functional I guess. The river itself is tiny, does it deserves this Golden Gate-like colossus? Well here there are the tax money, and here there are local construction companies and here there is the local government controlling the tax money. And as result of their symbiosis this monster was born.
The weak consolation is that river itself is beautiful and blooming with sakura right now week after sakura gone in Tokyo.

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