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A Los-Angeles bar in famous Beverly-Hills district. When I pointed my Nikon into the bar's crowd, one guy warned: "Hey, first you gotta sort it out with my agent!" "Don't worry!" I replied. "My agent will talk with your agent!".

On my way to Las-Vegas I stopped in some small town and parked my car near a local shopping mall. One of the shops I discovered was covered with gun advertisements. For the first time in my life I entered real gun shop! The only customer was about 30 years old guy holding his son. He was buying a pistol. I asked the shop-owner, how easy it is to buy a gun? Owner complained that each item should be registered by the police. Police will check customers for criminal records, and it might take up to two weeks. On the other hand, if you are a real bandit, you won't have troubles buing a gun on the black-market. All this burocracy targets not criminals but obedient citizens. Would you agree with him?

You often hear that American cities are extremely dangerous places. Especially at night. "Stay at home, don't let the tip of your nose out!" However everything depends on where you actually are. Down-town San-Diego seems to be safe even at night. This guy looked like a homeless to me. He was extremely happy to get some change for the posing.

I snitched this scene at a small black town near the border between Nevada and California.

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