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Beauty of Spanish women is well-known internationally. Most beautiful Spanish girls live in Valencia. Well, just my opinion...

This game is extremely popular in Spain. Aged men gather in a park and kick metal balls along a field. It's a precision game. The goal is to throw the ball such that it hits a chip at the opposite end of the field.

This girl is one of heroines of the "fallas" festival, which means fire festival (not fallos as someone could frivolously spell it). Held in Valencia it's one of the must visit events if you are around in March. The festival is dedicated to Madonna, as are the flowers, symbol of purity.

First morning cup of coffee. Valencians are really dressy and dressed-up from the morning.

When I tell my friends that I visited a bull-fight, they sometimes expect me to condemn the barbarian performance. "Weren't you feeling pity for a poor animal?!" Well, at that moment in the heated stadium it was lively. However now when I rewind the performance in memory, yes I feel sorry. The moment when bleeding bull jibs to the hurdle to die, and urinating of weakness and fear I do feel pity. From the other side as a photographer and as a man, I would never support those who wants to shut bull-fights down.

Barcelona's Cathedral. Catholic nuns attending a service.

Gluing posters on a street one night in Madrid.

Barcelona. At the feet of Sagrada Familia designed by genious Gaudi, a group of children holding one long rope. This way kids can travel in busy streets and will never get lost. Isn't it smart!?

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