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The financial district, located in the very center of Sydney, near Circular Quay and famous shell-like building of the Opera-house. On Friday night local yuppies gather at nearby bars. Unlike Japan, where "evening" starts at around 7-8pm, here in Sydney people seem to start with their beers at around lunch. And you can be sure not to find anybody working after five o'clock. If you can hear the ocean from your office and your yacht is swinging on the waves, would you work late?

Kings Cross known in Sydney as night-life, red-light district. It's also famous for its sexual minorities: homosexuals, lesbians etc. Typical men here are packed into black leather, are brawny and decorated with tatoos. Their favorite vehicle is "Harley-Davidson". This photo actually caused me trouble. I just prepared for shooting, when two athletic guys from a nearby "massage salon" jumped over and very unambigously requested me to get away. Guys there seem to not like people with cameras at all.

Australia is a family-oriented country. At one resort town disco I was astonished to see literally three generations of local people and visitors dancing together. Shopping is also a family affair here. Large shops are usually equipped with children playcorner.

Shopping mall at Nambucca Heads.


Bushes cover probably half of Australian territory, at least the part of it not covered by sand. I met this bee-keeper on an obscure forest trail. He brought his hives deep into mountains. Something is blossoming there at any season. The bee-keeper compained that once he left his hives near a ranch and somebody poisoned his bees. Since then he is always trying to keep his bees as far away from humans as possible.

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