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None about skiing, lots of onsen

Nozawa Onsen is probably the most sofisticated ski resort in Japan and my second favorite after Zao. Skiing there is very efficient. Two gondolas taking you almost to the top. There are three long steep runs two of those are pretty narrow ridges giving you nice workout. There is also great area at the top full of powder with some mogules and nice runs through the forest.

Our menshuku Chitosekan was conveniently located just at the foot of famous busy path taking you straight to the escalator. Unlike in most of Japanese ski resorts, there is comprehesive apres-ski with bars, karaoke and even hostess clubs.

I wish we caught one of local winter festivals such as Jazz In Nozawa on Feb 1, Yuki Daruma matsuri on Feb 8-9, or night festival on March 15. The last one culminates in enormous bonfire. Next year, we should plan for it!

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