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Dahab – Sinai – Red Sea

Finally – New Year trip to Dahab! Не прошло и полгода! Не хотелось начинать открытие Африки с заезженного Египетского тура. Да, западная Сахара и Тропик Рака! Да – кишащий крокодилами и гноящийся паразитами Нил, да – древний Луксор. Нет – … Continue reading

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Poland, Taiwan and more

Just noticed that some of my travel photos are very difficult to find. To help with navigation in addition to my small Image Bank page I created top-level Travels Index. For now it’s referencing Poland, Taiwan, Istanbul and new Egypt … Continue reading

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62 images of Tokyo

It’s time to publish selected photos from my last trip to Tokyo. I was away for more then a year. While staying in Moscow I realized how many things I missed in Japan. I photographed some of them. In this … Continue reading

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Sound soup

Industrial jazz concert in club Dom or literally Home. It’s cozy and very cultural space dedicated to contemprorary music. Музыку снимать радостно. На днях по приглашению друзей сходил на концерт индустриального джаза в “Дом”. Выступали SPIES BOYS и ГОСПЛАН ТРИО. … Continue reading

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buy cialis online

I have no idea what cialis is, but somehow I am getting around 20-40 comments with this suggestion posted on this blog daily. Blogspam – it is. Only casinos online overdid this mysterious substance. To fight spam I simply configure … Continue reading

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