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Hakuba return

Breaking aesthetic standards of this blog I put photos of me on the front page not (only) because of my narcissism, and urge to make you feel jealous, but mostly because I know how much you miss me while I … Continue reading

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Farewell to Winter

Winter is almost over. In fact spring will officially start tomorrow and it’s the last winter day today. Not many people seems to regret much. I do! This one wasn’t bad at all. It was at least two snowy months … Continue reading

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Зимние велозабавы

Казалось бы московская зима и велосипед – две вещи несовместные. Проведя после двенадцатилетнего перерыва зиму в Москве я понял что это не так. Началось все с того, что я купил себе новый велосипед. Я отъездил 25 лет на спортивных и … Continue reading

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Mt.Fuji from a Free Fall

One may get impression that all I do in this life, is flying planes and jumping with parachute. I wish! In fact as most of us, I spend 12 hours in front of computer. I rode a sport plane once … Continue reading

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5G or Perfect Day in St. Petersburg

It was 10pm Saturday night when I decided that I had enough. I spent whole month with no single holiday, with no single get away from Moscow. I had to do it just for a change. I threw cameras and … Continue reading

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